From Anonymous to High security Identity

Social sign-in is just the beginning. What happens when your visitor becomes a customer? Social credentials are not sufficient for credit card accounts. Twobo's solution provides the ability to use the same user ID from the first visit all the way through the getting-to-know-eachother phase to the purchase.

Attract customers gradually

By leveraging Social on your website users can gain benefits if they choose to login using a social account. Twobo's solution uses Janrain for social sign-in which provides you with a single API instead of one for each Social network you would like to provide services through. Throug Janrains API you can post messages back to the user, as well as pre-populate forms when the user signs up. No matter what social network they choose to sign-in with.

Full strength Identity

Combining Janrain with CA Siteminder through Twobo's special integration users are always authorized to access the areas that match their rights. This is done by Twobo's solution without any security injections needed in the website source code.


“The Curity Authentication Service will drastically change the way we think of Digital Identities. Completely decoupling authentication from the identity source is the only way forward.”

Jacob Ideskog, Identity Specialist, Twobo Technologies

Next steps

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