Valuable Assets

Often applications contain some high value assets but most of the assets are of a lot less value. Requiring the user to sign in every time they use the application just because of these high value assets that they might not use provides poor user experience

Separating sessions

By letting the initial login or authorization be split into a number of different sessions, the application can keep the session for the lower valued assets alive even between different times of using the application. Most of the times the user only needs a quick glance in the App, requiring very limited amounts of data. This is what we leverage and separate and classify the backend resources to this purpose.

OAuth and OpenID Connect

Using OAuth and OpenID Connect in clever ways, Twobo Technologies designs systems for their customers that provides optimal user experiences while maintaining high security on the customers valuable assets.


“With Twobo's solution we could achieve mobile SSO with our high security App.”

Dennis Skantz, Security Architect

Next steps

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