Accessec specializes in information security with deep knowledge of authentication, smart cards, USB tokens, and other means of identifying who someone is on-line. As a neural third-party, Accessec provides expert opinion that is unbiased toward any one solution. For more information, visit

Axiomatics is the leading provider of entitlement management software. With deep root is research and a major contributor to the XACML standard, Axiomatics has found novel ways of helping organizations control access to their digital resources in ways that ensures interoperability based on international standards. Their best-of-bread tooling provides management, enforcement, and analysis of who can access which assets and under what circumstances. For more information, visit

CA Technologies provides IT management solutions that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments. Organizations of all sizes leverage CA Technologies products to accelerate IT innovation, reduce complexity, and manage risk by securing data and identities. With software such as CA AuthMinder, CA RiskMinder, CA SiteMinder, and others, organizations are able to leverage advanced authentication, guard against identity theft, audit access to assets, and perform other important security functions. For more information, visit

Curity is a technology leader in providing the heart of the IMS platform, the Authentication Service and the Token Service. Curity enables simple and flexible identification for modern applications. Users are provided with a secure and frictionless login experience for any mobile, web or single page application with solutions designed for APIs, Microservices and DevOps. For more information, visit

Data Ductus is a specialized IT consulting agency focused on complex business solutions. With vast experience in developing, deploying and maintaining large IT project, Data Ductus is a valuable partner for Twobo. Projects involving API infrastructure, machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) are common tasks for Data Ductus. For more information, visit

Dopter is a specialized consulting agency focused on API business strategies, Web services development, and usable interface design. The small team of innovators are the creators of APIHQ, a Web-based tool that makes it possible to test APIs without writing a single line of code. The founder, Andreas Krohn, is a well known public speaker and blogger who writes about API news at and occasionally on Programmable Web. For more information, visit

Encap is the world’s only dedicated software-based, banking-grade authentication provider, and has built the technology to enable a future of intelligent authentication. Encap represents a revolutionary new approach to authentication for the post-PC era. It replaces hardware and one time password authentication solutions such as tokens, card readers, SIMs and SMS with a software linked to a smart device. For more information, visit