The Problem

Business needs today demand that organizations provide apps, both to their customers and to their internal users. These apps come with a number of business related and technical problem. Releasing new apps with new functionality for several different platforms several times per year introduces many challenges for the organization.

Using your API as an engine of growth

To cope with this organizations must focus on their back-ends, their APIs. With a strong flexible API, the organization can focus on developing apps, both inhouse, but also by 3rd parties such as partners and even unknown developers.
This gives the organization the ability to develop a unified backend, for all functionality, and introduce new features that can be propagated to multiple platforms with ease.
The biggest challenge with this approach is maintaining the customer identities, not giving it away to third parties. Keeping customer identities hidden from developers are essential to maintain privacy and commercial interests.

Reusable Security Platform

Token based security with OAuth 2 adds the capability for the organization to separate security from the application implementation.
It provides the following key characteristics:

  • Flexible use-cases ranging from mobile to fat clients
  • Single point of administration
  • Minimized risk of password leakage to partners and 3rd parties
  • Complete reusability between projects

Next steps

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