API Security

APIs can be home-grown, or come with integrated systems. In either case presenting a single security model towards the End-user, (partners, internal or customers) is crucial in order to manage cost and maintain agility.

Using a Security Gateway

Firewalling your RESTful or SOAP API, means protecting it on event the semantic level. An API Gateway is a combined Firewall and API Integration server, that with a powerful design enables the user to create virual API's outbound, protected by OAuth 2 or other security protocols.

Featured video - OAuth and OpenID Connect for Microservices


Jacob Ideskog - VP Twobo Technologies

Jacob illustrates how OAuth and OpenID Connect can be used to securely develop and deploy Microservice APIs.

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API Integration

Securing APIs is step 0. Soon enough it becomes crucial to avoid sunken costs in old SOAP investments, or to bring together various homegrown APIs into a single uniform outbound API. Transforming old SOAP into new REST APIs without a single line of code, or bringing together all APIs under a single outward facing roof is what API integration is about.

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The three pillars of Neo-Security.