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Twobo Technologies, is the organizer and founder of Nordic APIs. The Nordic's largest international community for API practitioners and enthusiasts.

Nordic APIs is a network and knowledge based community for API practitioners and enthusiasts. Our goal is to help companies and practitioners make smarter tech decisions using APIs. We do this by hosting quality events, workshops and meetups all over the world, and every week we publish articles read by over 50.000 unique visitors each month

API Security in 2017

Travis Spencer, Stockholm, 2015

Travis Spencer explores and explains security standards that will shape the coming decade. He discusses how API designers should protect their APIs using standards that can cope with the emerging needs from both business owners, and from security perspectives.

Decoupling user identities from API design

Jacob Ideskog - Helsinki, 2016

Jacob Ideskog from Twobo Technologies illustrates how to remove the Identity from the equation when designing APIs and Microservices.