The Identity Experts

At Twobo Technologies, we concentrate solely on identity and access management (IAM). Our focus on this one aspect of information security has given us a deep and broad knowledge of the problems organizations are facing with respect to digital identity. By talking face to face with dozens of customers in various industries throughout Europe and the US, we have recognized many patterns and emerging trends. Coupling our unique, global insight with a network of partners, we have helped customers rapidly and more affordably solve their identity management problems. For example, customers commonly seek us out for help in understanding how to use existing IAM investments to manage digital identities in the cloud. Regardless of the nature of the request, we can help with all aspects of IAM:

Each of these include many details and idiosyncrasies that our consultants know extremely well. Prior and existing customers have found peace of mind knowing that this core area of their business is being handled with the help of world-renowned experts.