This world-class federation server allows organizations to provide employees, customers and partners with seamless and secure access to information across organizational boundaries. With hundreds of production deployments across industries, the simplicity of deployment and operationalization is indisputable.

A Federation Swiss Army Knife

By implementing all of the popular international standards that have been designed for Web Single Sign-On (SSO), PingFederate is able to accommodating the most diverse and advanced use cases. Using PingFederate, organizations can address needs such as these:

  • Outbound and inbound Web SSO
  • Federated Identity Management (IdM)
  • Mobile identity security
  • API security
  • Federated identity provisioning

Easily Integrated

PingFederate can be easily integrates with numerous enterprise and cloud technologies including Web Access Management (WAM) systems, strong authentication products, CRMs like, and Web applications. It can also be combined with PingOne for faster and more flexible employee access to SaaS applications. It can also be integrated with JUMP from Janrain to quickly and easily begin leveraging the power of social media. The flexibility of PingFederate coupled with our cutting-edge knowledge and expertise eliminates lengthy integration projects and ensures that tight deadlines are met.


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