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New Partnership with Janrain

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At Nordic APIs this week, I was very proud to announce that we have partnered with Janrain, the leader in social media aggregation. We are delighted to become Janrain's only reseller in Scandinavia, and are excited by the opportunities that this opens up to our customers. This partnership is a critical part of our business model, and our strategy to help organizations more quickly adopt cloud computing, mobile, big data, and social. To do this, we are bringing together standards-based software from best-of-breed vendors like Janrain into ready-made solutions. These pre-made integrations allow organizations to quickly and securely overcome the challenges introduced by these four megatrends. Our ready-made solutions, deep knowledge of our partners' offerings, and the standards on which they're built allows us to speedily implement solutions using their software, sparing our customers from lengthy integration projects.

ingred.gifAs I've blogged about before and described in our whitepaper, solutions for cloud, mobile, big data, and social have to be created from various software components in the same sort of way that a baker combines base ingredients into cakes. To make a torte, you need eggs, flour, sugar, milk, and, in the hands of a skilled baker, these can be whipped, stirred and combined into wonderful desserts. actual_ingred.gifSimilarly, we are pulling together software, services, and expertise into secure solutions for a mobile, cloudy world. Our ingredients are things like Web SSO, account management and provisioning, API security, and authorization. With this new partnership, we can also whip in some social media aggregation using Janrain's products.

At Nordic APIs, I gave a demo of such a solution that combines Janrain's services with CA SiteMinder to securely integrate social into a Web site. We'll post a recording of that in the next couple of weeks, and will show it off again in Copenhagen. We also have other integrations in the works, and we'll blog about those soon. In the meantime, check out Janrain's site which has a wealth of helpful info explaining how engagement starts with identity. You can also shoot us any questions you may have about their products or about how we're helping organizations use their platform to securely leverage social login, profiles, and publishing to increase brand engagement.