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Nordic APIs at Internetdagarna

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We had another Nordic APIs event this week, at Internetdagarna in Stockholm. Twobo and Dopter held the Nordic APIs track with the subject "APIs for Business". With that we thought it was a good idea to focus on the business aspect of APIs. Why should companies embrace this trend and how should they do it from an organizational perspective.

Travis Spencer, CEO of Twobo Technologies gave a talk on how to turn an organization into a platform. With the main message being that we as organizations need to act now if we want to be part of the leading companies in the future.

Andreas Krohn from Dopter and Anna Mirsch from Mannheimer Swartling presented the new API License that has been developed for companies that need a base license when publishing their APIs for the first time.

Personally I found it very interesting to hear about Twilio's approach to APIs that APIs are the new Dial Tone. Twilio who's APIs are becoming available in the nordics now, and the story of Fyndiq, the do's and don'ts when building a new platform.

See Travis' presentation below, and for more interesting talks visit our youtube channel

Directions to StjärnaFyrkant's Office and the Free BYOD Seminar

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February is here and that means that we are we are getting closer to the free seminar on the topic of BYOD arranged by StjärnaFyrkant  together with Twobo Technologies and Ping Identity. 
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Here are directions to help you find StjärnaFyrkant's office. They are located in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm on Svetsarvägen 24.

From Bromma Airport: 
Take a Taxi. This airport is located very close to the event address, and is the best one to fly into if you can.

From Arlanda Airport:
Option 1: Take a taxi to Solna. There is usually a fixed rate which should be around 500 SEK
Option 2. Take the Arlanda express to T-centralen (Stockholm's central station). Then take the subway (tunelbanen) or the commuter rail/overground (pendeltåg). See directions below.

Subway from Stockholm City (T-Centralen):
Take the blue line from T-Centralen towards Hjulsta. Exit the train at Sundbybergs Centrum then exit the station onto Järnvägsgatan.

Pendeltåg (Commuter Rail) from Stockholm City (T-Centralen): 
Take Pendeltåg 35 towards Kungsängen. Exit at Sundbyberg Centrum, then exit the station onto Järnvägsgatan

Walking Directions from Järnvägsgatan:

Link to Google Maps

If you are interested in attending but haven't yet registered, please let us know send an e-mail to

We are looking forward to see you on February 21st.

Making Scandinavia Programmable: Nordic APIs

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We are really excited to announce that we are joining forces with Dopter, one of Scandinavia's biggest champions of APIs, to organize the first all-API-related event in the region: Nordic APIs. We will be working together to host a number of events around the region this year, starting next month on March 21. Together with two of our other partners, Jayway and Ping Identity, we'll have a half-day of presentations about:

  • Best practices for launching and deploying an API
  • Tools of the trade
  • Security (our favorite)
  • Innovations in APIs and the future of the space
  • Back-end as a Service (BaaS)
  • And many, many more
We'll be meeting in Jayway's new office in downtown Stockholm. Their space is really open and will give us all the chance to mingle and learn. We'll start w/ lunch at noon and kick off the talks at 13:00. We'll go till 16:00 w/ a little break in the middle. We'll post a full agenda soon on the Nordic APIs site.

We'll be giving a talk on API security. To get a sense of what we'll talking about, have a read through my post on where I discuss some of the security issues that API providers need to consider as they relate to enterprise mobility management and BYOD. (Be sure to also join us, Ping, StjärnaFyrkant and others for more on BYOD February 21.)

Eventbrite - Nordic APIs March 21st, StockholmWe'll also be running a larger 2-day Nordic APIs event in Stockholm on September 18 and 19 at Lustikulla Conference Center. For this conference, we'll bring in a lot more sponsors, attendees and speakers from around Scandinavia and beyond. We have sponsorship and speaking opportunities still available for the fall if you're interested in getting involved. Before then, be sure to register for next month's kick off to what will undoubtedly be a great new series of API conferences. It's free to attend the March event, so RSVP today as space is limited. Please also follow @NordicAPIs on Twitter and subscribe to the Nordic APIs blog to stay up to date. Comment here or drop us a note if you have questions.

Brought to you in partnership w/ these fine folks:

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BYOD Seminarium med StjärnaFyrkant och Ping Identity

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BYOD event from StjärnaFyrkant, Twobo Technologies and Ping Identity
Välkommen till ett seminarium om Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) med huvudsponsring av Ping Identity.

Den 21 februari arrangerar StjärnaFyrkant tillsammans med Twobo Technologies och Ping Identity ett kostnadsfritt seminarium på temat BYOD.
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Vi kommer bland annat diskutera:

  • Vad är BYOD och varför är trenden så populär?
  • Vilka utmaningar och lösningar associerar vi med BYOD?
  • Hur BYOD tillsammans med "cutting edge" teknologi skapar ökad produktivitet, nöjda medarbetare och en ökad innovationskraft
  • Populära alternativ som "Company-Owned, Personally Enabled" (COPE) enheter.
  • Hur omfattande är antagandet av BYOD i Skandinavien, Europa och resten av världen?

För vem: Telefoniansvarig, IT-chef och produktansvarig
Tid: 21:a Februari kl 12-16
Plats: StjärnaFyrkants kontor i Solna, Svetsarv 24

12:00Registrering, lunch, nätverkande och mingel, utställning
13:00Välkommnande och introduktion
13:10BYOD möjligheter: Problem och möjligheter som uppstår vid konsumentdriven IT utveckling.
13:40Varför BYOD? Skäl till att organisationer bör överväga denna praxis
14:10COPE-ing with BYOD: Ett alternativ med likvärdiga fördelar
14:30Paus och utställning
15:00Kärnan i alla BYOD lösningar: Ett enhets-neutralt sätt att lösa BYOD
15:30Förvandla din organisation till en plattform: Säkergör överförandet av information till appar som används på anställdas enheter

Under dagen bjuds på lättare förtäring, våra leverantörer visar även upp de senaste mobiltelefonerna och tillbehören. Seminariet kommer delvis att hållas på engelska.

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At Upcoming Cloud, Mobile and Identity Events in Holland

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We are heading down to the Netherlands next month and again in November for some really exciting events. First, we'll be at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam and then at IDentity.Next in the Hague.

Broadband World Forum
The 12th annual Broadband World Forum is taking place from the 16th to 18th of October, and will have hundreds of speakers from various telco providers and other industry experts discussing topics such as cloud computing, mobile computing, M2M, and others. From these keynotes and presentations, attendees will learn more about how Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can use the cloud to open up new business opportunities and use their existing infrastructure to capture new markets. This is especially interesting to us as it is not possible without a strategic focus on digital identity. Cloud computing will be in the spotlight on the first two days during the co-located Broadband Cloud Summit. This part of the convention will undoubtedly include many good thoughts on how service providers can innovatively use the cloud to develop better business strategies and launch new products. As official bloggers for the event, we'll certainly keep you posted.

Broadband Cloud Summit
If you're attending or are in the area, drop us a line, so we can be sure to connect. Also, our friends, UnboundID, will be exhibiting there, so be sure to stop by their booth and say hi.

Just before Thanksgiving, we'll jet back down to the Hague for the IDentity.Next unconference. We're looking forward to joining James Varga of miiCard, David Birch of Consult Hyperion, and many other friends to talk about the future of digital identity. I will be presenting on use cases for System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), an emerging provisioning standard that I've been working on w/ UnboundID,, Ping Identity, and others since its inception. In my talk, I'll elaborate on the scenarios and use cases for the protocol which I touched on in my introductory SCIM presentation at the Cloud Identity Summit in July.

If you are going to be at the conference, which is November 20th and 21st, or will be near the Hague at that time, be sure to shoot us a note, so we can hook up. Too busy baking Thanksgiving pies? Come on. Identity is sweeter than all that, and you can jet home the day before. To see just how sweet identity is, have a look at this video :-)

See you all in the Netherlands this fall!

(This blog post was sponsored in part by Informa, organizers of the Broadband World Forum.)

Twobo at the Cloud Identity Summit

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The cloud and mobile are changing our societies in profound ways. The increased usage of smartphones, tablets, and cloud computing is presenting organizations with new business opportunities and challenges. Organizations shifting to this new IT delivery model are finding that they need a way to provision user accounts in the cloud. A group of SaaS providers and identity management software vendors have invested in a new provisioning protocol called System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). In this lecture, Travis Spencer, CEO of Twobo Technologies and former member of Ping Identity's CTO office, will be presenting at the Cloud Identity Summit in Vail, Colorado, USA to explain what this new protocol entails and how it works. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the problem, how the spec helps solve it, where in the standardization process the spec is at and the current availability of products supporting it.

UPDATE: You can find the presentation on Slideshare: