Our Newest Partners

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My vision for Twobo is extremely large, and I know I can't do it along. That is why I've been building a great team of folks to help me. Some of these are working w/ me at Twobo. Others are companies that have the same sort of vision and want to work together to realize it. Over the past few months, we've been busy forging partnerships w/ such organizations and have established about a half dozen w/ about the same number in the works. I'd like to introduce a few of the most recent ones to you in this post.

CA Technologies

Everyone working in the IAM space knows CA. They have a long history and lots of experience in this field. Many organizations seeking to use cloud computing, mobile, and social are wondering how they can strongly identify users, control access to their data, and provide their auditors with answers. Many such organizations would like to take advantage of existing software products like those from CA as they shift to these new paradigms. Through our new partnership, we will help organizations choose, deploy and integrate CA software to solves these and other such problems. We are really excited to be working w/ CA, and look forward to growing the relationship.


Founded in 1997, Cozmanova is a vibrant member of Holland's cottage industry of digital identity experts. Their singular focus on identity and deep understanding of the underlying protocols makes them an ideal partner to help us solve our customers' challenges. We are glad to be working w/ Cozmanova, and are eager to combine our efforts.


I met Stephen Severin, a senior consultant at Jayway, back in 2010 when I was still living in the States. After I moved to Sweden, Stephen introduced me to his colleagues at Jayway. Over the last couple of years, I have met w/ them on many occasions. They are an extraordinary group of people that are passionate about their craft. They are innovators, not only technologically but also business-wise. Their application of agile to billing models and investment strategies is unique among consulting firms. Their deep expertise in software development, cloud computing, and mobile application development makes them a key partner in helping us realize our vision.


I met the guys from UnboundID as I worked w/ them over the last couple of years to define SCIM, an up-and-coming user account provisioning protocol. As more and more companies struggle w/ big identity data, UnboundID's identity platform provides a massively scalable, high performance solution. Their view of the an emerging economy where identity is a valuable resource is a vision we at Twobo share. It is our pleasure to be working more closely with the folks at UnboundID.

To all our new partners and existing ones: it's wonderful to be working w/ you to bring about our shared vision!