Helping Secure the Cloud and Mobile


In my last post, I talked about the new research out from AMD wherein security is said to still be the number one concern that cloud computing adopters have. To address these risks, I talked about how existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) practices, procedures, and infrastructure need to be extended to include these new cloud services. In this way, organizations can determine how best to answer the questions who are you and what are you allowed to do. The first can be done by reusing existing authentication systems and federating the identified users to the cloud; the latter can be done by provisioning authorization policies into the sky for enforcement and by pulling back cloud audit logs for centralized analysis.

At Twobo, we are helping organizations in all industries ensure that their Identity Management (IdM) services can secure on-premises systems as well as public, private, and hybrid clouds. We deliver this help in the following ways:

  1. Advice, knowledge, and expertise gained from years of developing and supporting IAM systems and from working w/ numerous organizations worldwide in the adoption of cloud computing.
  2. Pre-integrated, best of breed software from leading vendors in the field of cloud security, including Ping Identity, Axiomatics, UnboundID, and others.
  3. Integration of these and other applications into world-class production systems that scale to millions of users and thousands of apps.
  4. Management and support services needed to ensure peak performance of the critical cloud identity management solutions organization create from such knowledge and products.

Our years of experience building software in high-security industries have conditioned the way we think about mobile and the cloud. Our deep knowledge of digital identity coupled with our past experiences allows us to help organizations that are struggling to overcome the risks associated with today's hyper distributed software systems. By meeting with over a hundred organizations in all industries around the world in the last two years alone, we have seen the common struggles resulting from cloud and mobile computing adoption. We have helped these companies overcome the barriers, and have devised workable solutions based on exclusive knowledge and partnerships with specialized security software vendors that address the security concerns of the cloud's naysayers.

In our upcoming blog posts, we'll explain more about how we're helping our customers and share more about our experiences building secure information systems. Till then, please feel free to contact us, leave a comment, or DM us on Twitter to find out more about how we can help you secure the cloud and your mobile apps.